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The Mediocre Millennial

What a weird name for a blog. What’s it about?

There is a lot of content out there about Millennials, and it varies widely between passionate anecdotes of how awesome we are to thorough treatises on how we’re lazy, entitled, and screwed .

Me, personally: I’m somewhere in the middle.

Not in my opinion about Millennials, no, no. I mean that I am somewhere between totally worthless and supremely awesome. Right smack dab in the middle of Mediocrity. At best, I am called a “generalist,” but that’s being very generous. I’m not even great at that!

For a lot of students growing up in the 80’s through the early 2000’s, the most common advice that many heard was to show your range of abilities and experience. Show that you were breaking the mold by doing all of the things. You played the clarinet, drums, and piano, sang in the school choir, played basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and golf, was a photographer and graphic designer on the yearbook staff, took Latin, Spanish, and Esperanto, and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, United Way, and the Boys and Girls club…

The problem wasn’t what we were doing. It was how deep some of us weren’t willing to go. By focusing on so much, we actually accomplished little of value in any one area. A good chunk of us are mediocre, having forgotten the languages we tried to learn, selling our instruments, and remembering how awesome we were at sports 50 pounds ago (22.67 kg for the rest of the world).

Twelve years after high school I look at what I’ve done, and frankly I’m a little disappointed at how much I haven’t done. I still let my focus scatter on too many topics for me to do any one of them well. Small thinking, small ambition, and drifting through life without a plan or a focus has made me mediocre.

And I plan on doing something about it.

Next post I’ll tell  you what idea I have planned and my inspiration for doing so.